取得更多与团队的 世界顶级人才.

Your most pressing business and technology challenges deserve a team of the 世界顶级人才.


In my 20+ years of being involved in design and development in the orthopedic industry, 我从未与如此优秀的公司和项目经理共事过. 的 PT视讯项目 program is phenomenal - what PT视讯 accomplished is better than I ever imagined! 罗素奈文斯


联合创始人 & 首席医疗官



是什么 PT视讯项目?

We curate a fully managed team of the 世界顶级人才 to deliver you the highest quality solutions, 无论你的业务需要什么.


我们的精英网络由全球最顶尖的3%的随需应变人才组成, 确保我们为您组建的团队将帮助您的公司加速发展, 适应, 以及未来的规模.

全面策划 & 管理

一个专注的交付经理首先与你一起工作,了解你的目标, 需要, 和团队动力,为你打造完美的团队, 然后确保你体验到溢价, white-glove service from the start of the project to even beyond the final milestone.

敏捷性 & 灵活性

We have a proven track-record of smoothly and quickly integrating our teams into existing organizations. Our model also allows you to scale your team up or down as you transition between delivery milestones or when niche experts are needed during relevant phases.


我们有 正确的团队.


为什么 PT视讯项目?

是否需要快速启动MVP或替换大型遗留系统, 我们的团队已经准备好和你们一起创新了.


Our expertly curated teams have extensive experience providing end-to-end solutions to help launch a successful MVP, 不管平台. 的se kinds of projects often include business strategy, 计划ning, and consulting.


Many clients have also utilized our teams when they need to audit and revamp a legacy system or enhance a secondary release for an existing app or ecosystem.


PT视讯项目 can be an ideal option when needing to recover or revive a project that was previously mishandled, as our processes lend themselves to more transparency and flexibility throughout the project lifecycle.

为什么公司选择 PT视讯项目

的决心 帮助企业和消费者驾驭“新常态”

2019冠状病毒病改变了企业的运营方式, 的决心 wanted to create an app to help shoppers stay safe while going about their essential tasks.


  • 了解上市时间的紧迫性, PT视讯项目迅速开发了SharpQ平台, allowing clerks to manage store capacity while giving shoppers the option of queuing virtually as they run other errands.


  • 帮助企业最大化效率和存储吞吐量.
  • 保护员工和客户的健康.
  • Increases customer satisfaction by allowing customers to avoid long lines and service delays.

猞猁股本 将增强现实技术引入手术室

A group of experienced orthopedic surgeons wanted to develop a new generation of operating tools by combining AR with traditional surgical techniques.


  • PT视讯项目 used Unity to build the ARthroLense platform for the Microsoft Hololens 2.
  • 该软件是实时工作的, providing accurate sizing and allowing surgeons to anchor holograms to the bone for measurement in the OR.


  • 允许医院和外科医生增加手术量.
  • 降低硬件成本.
  • 通过提高准确性和重现性来改善病人的预后.

Dormzi 让学生通过在线市场将他们的技能货币化

Dormzi needed an elite team to take their MVP to the next level and launch in time for the new academic year.


  • PT视讯项目 performed a technical audit and full design refresh on Dormzi’s marketplace app, 哪些帮助学生与企业和校园社区建立联系.
  • Created a product roadmap around strategic feature releases in collaboration with Dormzi’s marketing team.


  • Empowers the next generation of student entrepreneurs to leverage their varying talents and add resume experience.
  • Helps students monetize their unique skills by setting up their own digital store.
  • 让学生们可以轻松地相互联系,并与外部企业联系.


PT视讯项目 团队成员





每一个PT视讯项目的参与都被分配一个专门的 交付经理 who curates and manages teams of PT视讯 talent across multiple verticals to scope, 计划, 并提供定制, 为客户提供世界一流的软件产品. 交付经理s provide an extra layer of oversight and support for clients and teams, 扩大人际关系的规模, and offering leadership and guidance for talent teams by leveraging Lean and Agile best-practices.

James comes from a technology consulting and start-up background and has successfully led PT视讯项目 在PT视讯担任交付经理,为初创企业和企业客户服务. 他管理过由项目经理/产品经理组成的跨职能团队, 设计师, 和软件工程师, 在世界各地,横跨多个行业,如医疗保健, fintech & 金融服务、数据 & 分析,消费品包装,以及更多. He believes in the power of human-centered design and technology to meet user 需要 and achieve the goals of the business from product launch to long-term growth and success.


项目经理 是任何成功团队的基本组成部分吗. PT视讯 项目经理s use their expert knowledge in Product Development to guide the team through the discovery, 文档, 以及对产品特性的估计, 直接团队会议, 管理团队任务, 并报告发展状况.

人才: Shaun is a digital project and product management expert who has led a wide variety of projects in the entertainment, 游戏, 汽车, 国防, 航空, 和医疗领域. 具有为新兴技术平台开发产品的丰富经验, Shaun has been steadily delivering content at the forefront of what is possible for over 15 years. He is committed to delivering the highest possible quality and has followed through on this promise for some of the most well-known brands in the world. He loves guiding clients through creating stunning products while remaining on time and within budget.


带领开发人员 负责产品的技术方向, 定义前端和后端体系结构, and oversees a team of engineers who turn beautiful designs into a real product. 通过理解每个项目的独特挑战, the 带领开发人员 recommends the most appropriate technology stack for the client, 记住可伸缩性, 安全, 以及成功推出产品所需的其他关键要求.

人才: David是一位拥有超过15年行业经验的解决方案架构师. 作为首席开发人员, 他有很多成功项目的记录, 按时或提前交付. David有丰富的后端经验, 现代web应用程序, 混合和本地android和iOS应用程序, 和DevOps. 对现代科技有深入的了解, David delivers highly custom solutions and technology recommendations that are tailored to each client’s 需要.


首席设计师 helps define the creative vision and approach for products by focusing on the user experience and functional requirements. 首席设计师s set the visual tone for a product by creating initial design concepts based on common deliverables such as user personas, 用户的旅行, 和线框图. 的y also help estimate design effort and identify additional design resources to scale as needed.

人才: Jonny is an award-winning lead product designer and design director with over 15 years of industry experience and has worked with some of the world's most innovative brands and agencies including Google, 耐克, R / GA, 爱马仕巴黎, 戴森, AKQA和公司. 无论他是亲力亲为还是担任领导职务, 乔尼是个很好的沟通者, 高效过程的大使, and works tirelessly to apply design thinking and craft to help clients reach their goals.